WADSL are pleased to announce the appointment of InMotion CCTV as an international partner.

InMotion are one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of security equipment specialising in CCTV. InMotion products are designed in Germany, engineered around the world and manufactured in Asia. An international company, InMotion CCTV is headquartered in the USA and has offices in Lewisville, Texas, USA, Frankfurt/Main, Germany and Beijing, China with Research/Development and Manufacturing in its Taiwan Facility. Innovative developments in R&D centres around the world and intense quality processes during production result in unique, high quality products. Increasing threats to global security and the constant need for personal protection ask for new technologies in the security surveillance equipment market. Rising crime rates have forced governments to put public safety and security on top priority. Expanding business establishments like retail, transportation, banking and healthcare also have a growing demand for innovative security systems. Innovative video surveillance systems, capable of capturing, transmitting and recording real-time data are an effective deterrent to crime. Their products and solutions are a complete offering from A-Z to cover all demands and needs in these specific markets. The InMotion partnership with Wallflower enables InMotion to expand their product offering to include the most technologically advanced software available in the Digital Signage market. The unique ability of Wallflower to support IPTV is coupled with flexibility, built-in interactivity, facial recognition and connectivity into social media and other data sources.

After a successful launch at the Loss Prevention Research Council Conference in Florida, InMotion CCTV are marketing Wallflower worldwide through their substantial network of Resellers. A number of significant opportunities arose from this and are being progressed. Wallflower is ten years old this month which makes it a comparative veteran in the DS market. With installations in many countries, distributors and resellers in all major markets Wallflower looks forward to an even more successful next ten years. This partnership is a major step in the worldwide adoption of Wallflower as one of the industry standard platforms for Digital Signage. For more information contact: InMotion CCTV www.inmotioncctv.com Kai Leuze info-EU@inmotioncctv.com Ph +49-6171-95126270

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