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Dynamic Digital Signage is the fastest growing media delivery vehicle worldwide. The ability to ‘narrowcast’ into locations targeting viewers with just the information they are interested in is compelling. Wallflower is able to deliver into almost any known market segment. Uniquely scalable and flexible, Wallflower can grow with the needs and aspirations of users.

The markets for Dynamic Digital Signage cover any segments where there is a need to provide information or show promotions. This can range from purely in-house applications providing staff with infotainment through to large nationwide networks displaying advertising or public entertainment.

In all of these segments Wallflower can provide the solution. Some typical markets are covered in more detail below.

Corporate Information

Wallflower can provide an in-house channel displaying, for example, training videos, company announcements or branding media for visitors. Ranging in size from simple stand-alone installations up to nationwide networks.
Wallflower Corporate clients include Vodafone, IAG, Telstra and many more. They use Wallflower to provide staff with up to date information about the company as well as a vehicle to display details of the company and its products to visitors.

Tertiary Institutions

Many Universities and colleges use Wallflower to provide up to date information to students. Wallflower can be used to advise students of course details and locations as well as providing them with orientation material and a number of channels of IPTV Student TV.

Tourism Information

Wallflower can deliver tourist information in an attractive attention grabbing way. Ranging from advertising for accommodation or rental cars through to videos featuring local attractions, users such as Auckland Tourism use large format video walls that stand out in a crowded airports to catch and hold the attention of visitors.


Hotels, such as The Grand Hotel in Auckland, use Wallflower to advise visitors of the various venues within their complex. Wallflower is ideal to show not only images of bars and restaurants but also up to date details of live entertainment or weather forecasts.


Wallflower can provide an entertainment channel showing music videos or high definition movies. When installed in conjunction with Cloud Productions’ UDAS Digital Jukeboxes, Wallflower provides a complete entertainment package. Up to date music and video content is delivered through the Cloud network and displayed in conjunction with advertising driven by Wallflower. Bars and restaurants throughout Australasia have found the Cloud Wallflower combo provides a cost-effective reliable solution.

Skycity Casino in Auckland use Wallflower extensively to provide visitor information throughout the complex including the Skycity Conference Centre. A series of Wallflower Navigators provide visitors with comprehensive information about the complex and interactive maps to help them locate facilities. A unique application is intelligent advertising of restaurants within Skycity. The amount of advertising for individual restaurants is controlled automatically by Wallflower monitoring the bookings for each one.

Retail Outlets

Retailers and supermarkets use Wallflower to promote products in-store. In some in conjunction with small format displays at checkouts, Wallflower delivers a ‘call to action’ guiding shoppers to products on special or tempting them to last minute purchases at checkout time. In many stores, both Minimarts and full size Supermarkets, Wallflower is used to provide zoned advertising and information.

Wallflower provides retailers with their own in-house advertising channel.

Wallflower is uniquely able to interact with popular Point of Sale software. For example, a fashion store can use Wallflower to provide a customer facing display that shows matching accessory videos when garments are scanned.

Wallflower can print coupons for loyalty club customers and display eye catching promotions reacting to products purchased.

Advertising Networks

Wallflower is used to deliver advertising content nationwide by networks such as New Zealand’s Health TV. Scheduled centrally, content is continuously updated to include features such as UV radiation levels and news feeds.

Real Estate
Real Estate agents use Wallflower to promote featured properties. In conjunction with touch screen displays, viewers can browse and view details of properties they are interested in. Displays are typically either groups of small format LCD screens, plasma displays or projectors.


Pharmacy chains use Wallflower to display not only promotional material about their various product lines but also educational material advising customers on subjects such as healthcare.

Manufacturers and Wholesalers

Wallflower is unique in this segment. Not only can Wallflower display traditional promotional media but it can deliver it via the Internet. Using a combination of low cost GSM cell phone communication and touch screen technology Wallflower is used to provide suppliers with a unique selling opportunity.

Units can be built on the supplier’s premises and sent out to retailers handling their products. Requiring only to be plugged into a power outlet Wallflower automatically commences to display media. Customers select products they are interested in using the touch screen and then request a brochure. Wallflower communicates with a wireless colour printer located behind a sales counter. Visitors then go to the counter to retrieve their brochure providing sales staff with a unique opportunity to engage the customer.

Taxi Advertising Networks

Wallflower is used to deliver advertising content to operators of Taxicabs. Each cab is connected by cell phone technology to a central management office that controls advertising content. Interactive displays mounted in the passenger compartment provide a range of services and information.

Retail Display Stands

Wallflower in conjunction with the Wallflower Detective powers many display stands worldwide. These are used by some of the world’s largest consumer electronics manufacturers. Stands are often equipped with multiple displays and may house up to 20 or 30 products such as cell phones or cameras. Each product is fitted with a detector that triggers Wallflower to display information about the particular product selected.

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