Euronet epay Network

Wallflower has progressively been rolled out into two networks owned by epay, the local subsidiary of Euronet.

Well known for their Gift Card and Prezzy card products, epay operate networks in local Corner stores and Dairies throughout NZ.

Wallflower is installed alongside the POS software on POS terminals that have customer facing displays. This delivers advertising

content on screens shared with till rolls. Wallflower replaces existing separate media players in some cases and outmoded software in others.

Wallflower is operated as a SaaS operation from our servers located in Australia.

The powerful Wallflower Analytics suite provides comprehensive reporting on add spots history and will be developed to use the Wallflower Intellad feature.

Intellads use a combination of data showing ad spot history and terminal and store sales history to not only provide analysis of the effectiveness of campaigns but can be developed to automatically adust ad schedules and iteratively to find the sweet spot of most effectiveness.

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