Wallflower Digital Signage Product Suite Overview

The most advanced digital signage software available...


Wallflower is used worldwide to deliver Digital Signage solutions for any requirement. Whatever type of digital signage you require, Wallflower can deliver the most cost-effective, reliable and easiest to use solution.

Flexible and scalable

Wallflower displays can be networked using any type of networking, LAN/WAN, VPN, the Internet, cell phone GSM GPRS, Satellite or the unique USB key/Internet hybrid. Wallflower can grow as your signage needs change. The same flexible functionality that is available on a 1000 screen network is also available for a single screen display.

To Use

A template design approach lets you create any layout and combination of media. Your media templates can be saved, copied and used for future dates. New content can simply be dragged into your templates and then targeted by location and time to play on any display, or groups of displays, within your network. Wallflower displays all popular formats of still and moving images as well as Web Pages, RSS Feeds, live TV, IPTV or Video, live input from Spreadsheets and Databases, Flash files and much more.


Wallflower is competitively priced for both small and large scale networks. It can manage a single display or 1000s of networked displays. For smaller businesses, this now makes digital signage affordable and for larger businesses means there is a much faster ROI. When updating Scheduled content, Wallflower only updates the ‘changed’ content, therefore reducing update time and bandwidth. The Wallflower suite has two versions: Wallflower Lite and Wallflower Network.

Wallflower Lite

Wallflower Lite is a stand-alone version. It is designed to be implemented where only one computer is being used to drive your digital signage screen. This is suitable for simple installations for example a bar or retail store where the owner develops their own media. Wallflower Lite is also useful as a demonstration tool.

Wallflower Network

The Wallflower Network version can be thought of as the Enterprise Edition of Wallflower. It is designed to be implemented where your digital signage screens are spread across your network. With the Wallflower Network version, the content management can be centralised and content can be distributed to your screens across your network using local or wide are network resouces. Alternatively ftp; the file transfer protocol distribution method may be used.

Minimum Requirements to run the Wallflower Digital Signage Software:

  • Atom 1.6 or Equivalent
  • 2+ GB of RAM
  • 512+ MB DirectX Compatible Video Card
  • Network Connectivity (For Network Version)
  • Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®,Windows 8®,Windows 10®,Windows Retail POS, Windows embedded, Windows IOT
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or higher

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