04/2/2010 – QueCall Launch at ISE

QueCall is a simple to install but powerful addition to Wallflower. Using a combination of standard Wallflower and the Detective this brings affordable queue management within the reach of all organisations.

QueCall consists of a ‘head of queue’ freestanding LCD screen, powered by Wallflower one of the most powerful digital signage solutions on the market today. The system allows a managed stream of advertising to run while alerting the customer to availability of free service points with both audio and visual prompts that temporarily interrupt the advertising loop. The standard QueCall package can be enhanced with Wallflower Alive – a full facial recognition package that captures the age, gender and length of interest of waiting customers in specific ads, so enabling advertisers to fine tune promotional content to a targeted customer base. The system can be retro-fitted in store, allowing even retailers with long-established store set-ups to improve their customer experience and compete against more technically advanced competition.

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