It is here at last the largest event NZ has ever staged. Wallflower has worked with many talented people to deliver some stunning digital displays for the event.

One Queen Street Cafe is at the bottom of NZ’s busiest street and has the highest footfall in the country. The cafe is projecting images from a Wallflower system on to 6 large windows. The dramatic effect has drawn comments from everyone. It can show different HD content on 6 windows at once and then spread the content over all displays. Visit http://no1queenstcafe.co.nz/ The new Wynyard Quarter at Auckland Harbour is now live. A stack of containers fitted with LED displays provides a signpost that can be seen for miles. Wallflower drives these as well as a number of interactive touchscreens in an information booth and other static displays. Visit http://www.waterfrontauckland.co.nz/Areas/Wynyard-Quarter.aspx for more information.

Wallflower will be seen by international VIP visitors to Eden Park,the home of NZ Rugby. Large format displays will provide a diverting series of Rugby orientated questions to entertain guests

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