12/11/2009 – Retail Expo 2009

Australia’s largest and most comprehensive retail event, Retail Expo 2009 featured products and services from many areas. iSignpak, the Wallflower hardware manufacturer, presented Wallflower on their stand at the Retail Expo 2009 held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in September.

The stand featured examples of Wallflower displays in various real-life situations.

Highlights from the stand included a unique display of the power savings to be achieved by using Wallflower players instead of standard desktop PCs. The display featured two comparative players with power consumption meters continually showing the consumption for each unit. An LCD screen featured two electricity meters and a continually updated power bill showing how much power would be saved in the operation of a 100 display network. Another unique presentation was the Wallflower Navigator configured to act as a ‘Zoo Finder’. This popular exhibit showed how Navigators can be used in many more situations than traditional shopping mall style applications. www.retailexpo.com.au

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