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As a true pioneer would, the company introduced LPG as a cooking fuel to the Indian home in the mid-1950s. It went beyond selling petroleum, to educate the customer. Besides selling Bitumen, the company pioneered desert road construction, training road engineers. It provided free technical services to industrial customers – big and small – and over time it became a part of the company’s culture.

The Challenge/Need

BPCL was looking for a digital solution where they can display pictures of the heads of the company in the same style as earlier where they were displayed inside traditional photo frames. To reduce the manual process of replacing the images in the photo frames they were looking for some sort of digitisation and automation of the process where images of their important cultural figures and the head and public face of the company appear on large screens.

The Solution

Wallflower’s Advanced Digital Signage system provided BPCL, through one of its premium partners, a solution where the Image files in the frames are shared in the software media library with images being inserted in these file at fixed intervals. The updated data is automatically selected by the signage software and displayed on Vertical 55” inch screens. No manual intervention is required since everything is automated by pre-scheduling in the Wallflower Software. The displays are updated dynamically with any new content and run until they are rescheduled.

The Result

The Management and the operational team are happy with the solution as it saves their resources and the effort and time of manually changing the photos in the photo frame in turn saving printing cost of the content . It became more convenient and attractive since the images are being displayed on large LED screens in portrait mode with company branding and not on notice boards or inside closed showcases. As a result they are now planning to set up the same Digital Signage architecture in their other newly constructed buildings along with other signage features including displaying welcome messages, training videos, company achievements etc.

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