VMware using Wallflower for Corporate Communications

VMware, Inc. is a US software company that provides leading cloud and virtualization software and services, and was the first to commercially successfully virtualize the x86 architecture. Founded in 1998,
VMware in India has a head office at Kalyani Vista in JP Nagar, Bangalore on a 2.56 acre site. The office was built for VMware with an area of 450,000 sq.ft. over 11 floors and 3 basements.
Their requirements were comprehensive and included:

Easy to Use Interface – Quick and easy navigation with an intuitive and friendly web-based user interface.
Templates – User driven content templates to rapidly create great looking displays by simply adding their own pictures and text. VMware design team must be able to create templates using variable data fields that users can populate and preview through a Content Manager interface.
Media Management – Ability to organize content by file type, categories and metadata so media is easy to find.
Schedules – Define and edit playlist time slots with a graphical view. Variable recurrence patterns and start/end dates must be available to make scheduling content easy.
Emergency Messages – Messages must be able to override the normal display at specific times or when external events occur such as emergencies.
Smart Playlists – Player metadata must be able to be used to customize content dynamically at each point of playback.
Approvals – Content must be approved before it can be played with selected users receiving email notification when approval is required.
Smart Content Distribution – Content should be delivered automatically with each player intelligently picking only the files that are new or have changed.
Multiple Independent Frames – Multiple frames must be available within a display with each frame playing independent content.
Multi-channel Support – Two or more entirely separate channels must be available from each player to reduce hardware, OS licensing and administration costs
Audio Control – Create audio-only channels or play background music that can be automatically muted when videos with their own soundtracks are played.
Reliable and Scalable – Must be easy to start small and scale up. Need field-proven reliability with many networks installed.
Communicate using various technologies – Both Terrestrial & Satellite (multicast) IP-based communication carriers must be supported
Compatibility – Must be compatible with proxies and ACNS, and can able to deliver content over HTTP/HTTPS via IPv4 or IPv6 to meet IT security requirements
The VMware Head Office includes over 50 LED displays with a 2*4 video wall at the reception. Wallflower is used to communicate with their internal employees as well as clients and visitors and for branding purpose. They use different layouts with their company background image and display power point, images and videos of different formats with live tickers at the bottom of the screens.


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