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Wallflower Global have partnered with Intelligent Earth to provide the most accurate audience measurement and intelligent advertising capability of any digital signage product. The partnership delivers world-beating, dynamic demographics collection and reactive advertising products.

Intelligent Earth, an award-winning provider of artificial intelligence software and hardware systems, have been recognized for excellence recently by the UK government, academia – the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, National software awards, The Guinness Book of World Records for ‘the World’s most gender aware robot,’ and of course, most importantly, their clients, including some of the largest companies in the world.

AdSwitch®, and AdWatch®, two of Intelligent Earth’s proprietary advertising products, have been developed by their world-leading autodemographics research programme. Using very fast and accurate face detection developed in-house, the research has concentrated on advanced intelligent statistical registering of features characterising female/male discrimination, and age estimation.

Intelligent Earth obtained world-wide publicity in February 2003 when they were recognized by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence as the winners of the race to deliver machine profiling of age and gender, and the application of this capability to focus advertising. As the pioneers and originators of this technology, Intelligent Earth have built on the best possible base to bring to the partnership with Wallflower two magical revenue-creating technologies, AdWatch® and AdSwitch®.

AdWatch® discovers and collects information about who’s watching your adverts in real-time. AdSwitch® then changes the advertising intuitively and delivers the most appropriate advertising for the current viewer. AdSwitch® and AdWatch® technologies are both incorporated into Wallflower Alive! giving your advertisers the ability to be aware of, and respond to, their customers in real time.

With the advent of Wallflower Alive! the advertising experience really changes forever. If, in a POS queue equipped with a display, an older woman moves to the head of the queue, she may be shown adverts for holiday cruises. Teenage boys will be shown adverts for computer games maybe with some background music they want to hear. If a young woman comes to the head of the queue she is shown appropriate lifestyle adverts for her age and gender.

Wallflower Alive! does it your way. Let your digital signage get to know the customer.

Wallflower Alive! plug-in is available with the main Wallflower products i.e. Wallflower Lite/Wallflower Network.

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