Wallflower Certified Players

The most environment friendly solutions...

iSignpak have an enviable track record built up over 20 years in developing a range of industrial electronic devices.

For the past 5 years iSignpak have built thousands of Players for many of the world’s leading signage networks and software suppliers. Wallflower was selected by iSignpak as their recommended software package and has been certified by WG for installation on all of their Players.

iSignpak and Wallflower Global are committed to delivering the most environmentally friendly solutions to the DS marketplace. All iSignpak Players are extremely efficient and consume considerably less power than a typical desktop PC, often used as Player hardware. All but the most powerful are fanless and able to be installed in demanding situations with ambient temperatures of up to 60 Degrees Centigrade.

Extensive research has been conducted into comparing the power consumption and cost savings available by using these Players.

All Players can be provided with operating systems and Wallflower software pre-installed and configured. Alternatively Players are available with no operating system and without Wallflower installed.


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