Wallflower Detective

Connect multiple proximity or other detectors...

The Wallflower Detective is a unique hardware device providing seamless integration of detection devices such as proximity detectors, micro switches or other technology with Wallflower Digital Signage software.

In many situations there is a need to provide the ability for displays to react to external devices such as proximity detectors and micro switches. An example is in display stands where a shopper has a choice of various items they would like to see information about.

A hardware store may have a range of power tools on display. When a shopper presses a button close to the tool, or picks it up, the Wallflower Detective knows which tool they are interested in and can display media giving details of it.

In display stands it can also be used for security. The Detective can advise the Wallflower software that a tool has been removed from the stand and an alarm can sound or messages be sent to staff.

Similarly a touch screen could have a motion detector connected. The Wallflower software can then show welcome information. This is becoming particularly important as a power saving measure. The Wallflower display can power off if there is nobody within viewing distance of the display and then power it on when a person is detected.

The Wallflower Detective is a compact unit supplied with its own power supply. Detection devices are plugged in using RJ45 connectors. A single output connection to the PC is provided via a standard 9-pin RS-232 port. Wallflower Global can supply adaptors for use with PCs that do not have a com port and require USB input.

The Detective is able to provide output power from the RJ45 connections to power devices such as proximity detectors.

One Detective can have up to 8 devices connected to it and Detectives can be daisy chained to allow up to 64 detection devices to be connected and control the Wallflower display.

Wallflower Detective plug-in is available with the main Wallflower products i.e. Wallflower Lite/Wallflower Network. Download the appropriate product to try our detectives.

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